Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Next Weekend Getaway

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This article was published in partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Weekends are precious. While relaxing at home is sometimes called for after an especially hectic week, getting away for a few days can be even more rejuvenating. Reaping the most out of a short getaway doesn’t require intense planning or complex logistics, particularly if you lean on some dependable strategies—like working with a rental car company you can trust. You’ll find the more frequently you take these excursions, the easier it is to unplug and recharge before Monday rolls around. Try making these four strategies an essential part of your going-out-of-town routine.

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1. Visualize your activities as you pack

Being prepared for whatever comes your way doesn’t mean you need to schlep everything you own for a short trip. What you pack can help focus how you spend your time away, so before you even open your drawers, take a few minutes to deeply consider how you want to enjoy the precious couple of days ahead. “I used to pack clothes for every imaginable scenario, even if I was just going somewhere for the weekend,” says Jesse Herrera, a software developer from Seattle, who spends at least a week on the road per month visiting clients in New York and Los Angeles, as well as the occasional trip to London. “Now I’m intentional about how I pack, and it just makes traveling easier. If I want to prioritize running on my trip, I’m going to bring running gear. It shapes how you spend your time in a good way.”

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2. Rent a car for hassle-free exploration

Whether you’re flying to a new city or starting your adventure from home, renting a car is a surefire way to keep unexpected hiccups out of the mix. Enterprise is the go-to choice, thanks to its award-winning customer service and intuitive app, and it has locations all over the country. Booking a car on the go using the Enterprise app is easy and takes just a few swipes. With a reliable set of wheels from Enterprise, you have complete freedom to seek out spots beyond the beaten path and on your own terms.

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3. Plan a few highlights, but reserve time for spontaneity

Planning a trip requires balance. Jam too much into your hiatus and the whole point of getting away from the grind is lost. However, if you fly totally blind, you might end up missing out on must-sees and spending your time away with your nose buried in your phone researching. Your best bet is to plan one or two highlights spaced throughout each day—maybe a top restaurant or a hike—then go with the flow for the remainder. If the weather calls for enjoying more time outside, extend your hike or catch your next meal at a farmers market.

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4. Get around like a true local

Renting a car doesn’t have to mean getting hung up at the airport. Enterprise has more than 7,000 locations worldwide across over 90 countries and territories, with an extensive network of neighborhood pickup and drop-off locations—which means you can hop in a taxi from the airport to wherever you’re going, and rent like a local. It lets you get to know the place you’re staying in a bit before getting behind the wheel.

“I always try to get a car for at least a day when I visit a new city,” says Will Gaffney, a brand strategist from Boston who sets aside one weekend a month for exploring a new place, whether it’s a nearby ski town in Vermont or jetting overseas to hike the Italian Alps. “When I fly to a place I’ve never been, I like to get settled in the neighborhood, then I usually rent a car nearby,” Gaffney says. Enterprise’s neighborhood locations make it easier to keep your options open on a trip and to experience a city like a local, using a blend of transportation methods. And, because returns are just as easy, you won’t lose your chill when the weekend ends.

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