This CBD Energy Shot Is the Boost You Need for Father’s Day Activities

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No one wants to think of themself as old. And for the most part—at the office, gym, or on a date with our partner—we feel accomplished, strong, and confident. But there’s one thing we can’t fight with the passing of time: the energy it takes to keep up with our kids.

Whether it’s the fatigue that sets in around hole 9 with your son, the exhaustion you have to fight when it’s time to coach your daughter’s soccer team after a long day of work, or the snack breaks you’re pushing for every 30 minutes on long family bike rides—keeping up with little ones is hard to do alone. That’s why there’s a massive market of caffeine supplements to get you going, and recovery products to help you rest better.

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We’ve downed enough pre-workout formulas and energy drinks to know that energy aids often come with a payoff—usually in the form of artificial flavors and jump-out-of-your-skin jitteriness that amps you way more than you want. But not with Hempcy and its sugar-free Active Tee Time energy shot.

The tiny energy shot packs 200mg caffeine to jumpstart your brain and body, then balances what could be jet fuel with the calming properties of hemp oil extract. The 20mg CBD oil brings that energy burst down to an equilibrium that allows you to focus without the crash that can come with traditional energy drinks.

This kind of controlled alertness is just what your golf game called for. Even better: Tee Time tastes just like an Arnold Palmer.

If you’re looking for more boost to your golf game than just more energy, Hempcy Active has a whole line of third-party tested, American-grown hemp products to help iron out those drained dad moments.

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We particularly like the Soft Chews, which have 25mg broad-spectrum CBD per chew. They’re uber convenient to munch on as you’re driving between holes to help soothe sore muscles and calm your mind. If you want something faster-acting, the Focus tincture leverages broad-spectrum hemp oil extract with MCT oil and terpenes to naturally zero in your focus and pep you up without any caffeine.

Hempcy Active also has items to help you bounce back faster: After 18 holes or a long weekend of adventuring, you can quickly roll on the brand’s trusted CBD Cooling Pain Gel to score fast-acting relief from your achy muscles. It delivers a slight tingle that spreads to dissipate muscle aches. We also love that it keeps your hands clean and grease-free, so you can use this mid-game to keep up your swings.

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Alternatively, Hempcy makes a Relief tincture, which combines full broad hemp oil extract, MCT oil, and all-natural terpenes to help your body and mind recover from all your hard work. Flavored as blueberry lemonade, you can drop it right in your mouth or add it to water for a nice self-care boost. And for those who don’t care to drink their CBD, try Hempcy’s Gel Capsules for a flavorless daily dose of CBD.

All of Hempcy’s CBD products contain 0% THC and are derived from hemp grown in the US. The brand also stands behind its product with a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

And with not just more time with your kids on the line but also your reputation on the green, Tee Time and Hempcy Active’s other CBD products are definitely worth a shot—or at least a putt.

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