This Book Is Like CliffsNotes for Corporate America

Cover of book with title 'The Way of the Wall Street Warrior'
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If you want to climb the proverbial corporate ladder, might we suggest adding The Way of the Wall Street Warrior by Dave Liu to your reading list. The author uses his 25 years of experience as an investment banker to provide actionable advice, “smartcuts” and strategies to propel your career at every stage.

It doesn’t matter if finance isn’t your respective field. This is a cunning guide that’ll give you the confidence and tools to come out on top. Why learn things the hard way when you can reap the benefits of someone else’s mistakes?

“A must-read for anyone starting their career in Corporate America. Written with wit and humor, Dave’s book shares valuable insights and lessons that would take a lifetime to learn otherwise. I highly recommend anyone interested in advancing their career read this book.” – Harry Nelis, Partner of Accel and former Goldman Sachs banker

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other leading booksellers.

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